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Nephin Whiskey Company produce ultra-premium, single malt, batch, Irish Whiskey.

Nephin Whiskey Company will produce 787,000L of ultra-premium single malt per annum when production starts in December 2015. Nephin is reviving lost craft traditions in making Whiskey but is also a modern manufacturing plant managed by food industry professionals. The distillery will operate 24 hours per day, 360 days per year. Irish Whiskey has experienced a compound annual growth rate of 12% for 2005-2014 and is projected to triple by 2030.
Nephin products produced & sold in years 1 - 3 will include an ultra-premium handmade mini-cask aimed at the occasion and global high-end gift markets and a White Whiskey distributed to the premium mix segment in selected US cities. Cash flow from these products will allow the distillery to break even while the majority of production is maturing into ultra-premium single malt Irish Whiskey.
Nephin Whiskey uses local ingredients from the beautiful wild setting including turf to malt the barley on-site. Peated Whiskey is currently considered Scottish, but was traditionally Irish and Nephin are reviving this tradition. The International Wine & Spirit Research reported that Irish Whiskey performed poorly in the super and ultra-premium segments against Scotch due to the lack of single malts and peating. Nephin Whiskey will be produced in batches and the variance will be explored by customers. Nephin are pioneering concepts in Irish Whiskey such as subscription selling, upselling to individuals and professionally managing customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (LTV).
A recent Irish Food Board report ‘The Future of Irish Whiskey’ confirmed that authenticity and provenance were being sought by premium customers and that this segment was characterised by exploration. A second report from the agency stated that large multinationals were failing to produce authentic brands and so would adopt a strategy of buying independent distilleries in future.

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